fun and enjoyable!its full of good times laffs and cool moments!

User Rating: 10 | The Urbz: Sims in the City GC
if you like sims and being the best and the coolist play this youll love it!i played it for more than i would say 250 hours its awsome! try to not have fun!go on try really!the game is all cool rich and people thinking wow its him/her!game is rated T for some good reasons to like when some one pooping it farts and you here a poop drop in the toilet!ewww!You should buy this master piece asap if You love sims buy it if not rent it!theres some bad things to the game now press start buy modes.playing on gamecube makes it have lots of errors. The best is you can have up to 4 urbz in a game like there room mates.and theres 2 player co-op mode very fun.