Beautiful looking game, unfortunately doesn't have much value and is more of a novelty

User Rating: 7.5 | The Unfinished Swan PS3
One of my friends has been looking forward to buying Unfinished Swan for us to play so I gladly accepted his offer and so we started playing Unfinished Swan. The first thing I noticed about the game is its unique art style and approach. This game has one of the most unique and creative artistic and visuals I've seen in gaming. You basically get to paint the level and reveal more of the level as you paint. You use your paint balls to activate levers, push items, and progress further in the game. You are practically solving puzzles throughout the whole game. However, the puzzles are very simple and pretty mindless. Each level has its own unique design and is different enough to stand on its own. Each level requires an entirely different approach to complete. This gives the game a sense of uniqueness and innovation. Still, each level is pretty short, lasting an hour each at the most. And there are really only 3 main levels, I'm not really counting the 4th level because its basically the an interactive credit sequence. So the game can easily be beaten in 3 hours, or even less if you're good at these types of games. Once you beat the game there really isn't much reason to play it again, there are unlockable items, but they aren't really anything too interesting. The story of the game, while decent, isn't anything too awe-inspiring and is pretty minimalistic. The game revolves more around the visuals and its unique style rather than its story. Although, voice acting is great and Terry Gilliam of Monty Python plays the voice of the king.

So overall, its sort of a minmalistic type game with a stunning atmosphere and an interesting concept, but doesn't offer much value and can easily be beaten in a few hours. Plus its a bit simple and the puzzles are simply not challenging.