Want to smear a good series of games? HERES HOW!

Step 1: Remove the main character (from the series) right away in a weird and nonsensical intro level. Instead of having the guy everyone knows and loves take him away in way that is confusing and replace him with a idiot.

Step 2: DE-EVOLVE the gore system. Yes, make it worse instead of better! Now instead of a gore system where you can shoot at like 50 some parts of the body to get various gorey "blow apart" reactions. Now you get like 20 like the original. Heck I think the original had more. At least in that you could shoot them in the stomach and watch them hold their intestines.

Step 3: Give it a crappy story with bad audio overlays!

Step 4: While your at it make all the enemies the same for the most part and have the same exact things happen when they die. (animations and such).

Step 5: Strip the game down and make it less like its original game!

Now for my review!

The story was crap. "Heres your mission.....heres your next mission". What the heck? What happened since the last game? Why is Miller so stupid now? Why is the new guy lame? Why is the girl crappy? Whats going on? Blah. Obviously Activision has no writers.

The graphics and horrible.....well, not that horrible for a Budget game or whatever you want to call this. Its certainly not a "big game". The animations are ok, the weapons seem weird. Everything just seems second class. Like it was all done in a hurry. But non the less the environments do look good, I give it that.

The gameplay is nothing amazing like it use to be. They turned it into budget title run around shoot this, protect that....boring. It doesn't even pull you in. Being a SOF fan I was ignored the reviews and rented it thinking I would at least be halfway impressed, what a letdown. And lets not talk about the difficulty. Everything when it comes to alot of points is very specific. If you don't see it the first time you die. If you you do see it prepare to die alot because you don't suck.... the game is just mean that way. Another thing that is crap in gameplay is the AI. Here is ALL the moves it does...ready?...... "Stand still"....."Charge attack you". Wow. Tough to remember. Like I said budget title feeling.

The music and sound are boring. The music you don't notice because your to busy being confused or angry and the sound is to average to care about.

The controls a little complicated but simple enough. At least thats one goo thing and they even have South Paw for you lefties.

Overall don't even rent this. Not even you die hard SOF fans like me. Its not worth it. I tortured my way near the end hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel and found nothing but continual signs that read "Turn back now!" and "FAIL!". Hopefully next time they will spend time with the game rather then try to make a quick buck because this game just smeared the series name.