User Rating: 10 | The Ultimate Doom PC
simply put DooM, at least in my mind, is the best of all time. In fact it should be noted that were it not for Doom we may not be experiencing the fruits of the gaming world right now. Those who doubt this i'd like to note i said may not. Gameplay : 10 overwhelmingly easy, yet suitable for the game. At the time sure you couldnt jump, crouch or crawl, you simply didn't need to. You were way too busy blasting enemies to care. Graphics : 10 Hey, at the time, boy were they something ground-breaking. The first time my dad brought in the original DooM, I remember seeing our computer lag like it had never lagged before. Sound : 10 Just like the graphics, brilliant. Countless times i remember hearing the moans and the grunts of the demons. you could probably even have an accurate guess of where they were coming from. sooo, particularly at the time, groundbreaking. Value : 10 hmmmmm, best game of all time errrr.... yeh thats good enough reason to give value a 10. Tilt : 10 grief did my skool work suffer lol. hours and hours of fun. Tho the levels were the same each time you played, it still seemed like a completely new experience each time you played it. truly ..... too much fun !!! Overall : The game that got me forever hooked in the gaming world has never, nor will it ever, lose it's charm. Its a timeless classic. Thanks ID for changing the gaming world forever !!!