I am going to give this game a 10.

User Rating: 10 | The Typing of the Dead PC
The reason I am giving this game a 10 is because, quite frankly... its the BEST typing game on the market.
There are no other reasons for the high score.
If there was even ONE game better than this, I would probably give this game a 7 (depending on the quality of the new game).

The dictionary that this game uses is awesome too.
Unique words, and not only that, it also uses punctuation.

Then, when you beat a level... the game grades you on the quality of your typing.

Soooo, not only is this game about typing fast, its about quality typing (which I lack).

I'm not sure if the game gives extra points for proper capitalization, it certainly SHOULD. Who knows though, that is something that only the programmers know (unless the answer is in the manual somewhere).

In fact, they should convert MOST light-gun shooters of this style to Typing Games.

Imagine Typing Crisis (Time Crisis).
Spacebar to reload/duck.