The Thing is a good game overall however it is lacking in some vital areas.

User Rating: 10 | The Thing PC
Thing continues from the movie which is a 1982 classic Science Fiction by. I never saw the movie so I cannot compare between the game and the movie. This is one of the few movies to game titles that are worth getting. The Thing gets a bit challenging in the later levels but that is where the game gets really addictive.

The graphics are good, but it could have been a lot better on the PC. The X-Box and PS2 graphics were better. Overall the graphics were still good, smooth, clear, sharp, crisp, graphics with minimum glitches. I would also like to mention that the lighting effects were better on the PC than on the console version which is a huge plus for it.

The controls are a bit awkward and sometimes irresponsive; especially while in combat. The controls were made with the gamepad in mind. Your character is viewed from a third person view. When using your mouse and keyboard, you look left and right only with the mouse. In order to look up or down you need to hold in a free-look key. During that time you cannot move. Aiming is automatic, unless in the free-look mode -person PC games--would have made for a much more satisfying control scheme.

The sound effects are good but something better could have been done about the music in most areas and sometimes when you shoot you don't hear any sound effects. The game still provides a scary atmosphere and will satisfy almost any horror fan. The voice acting was well done.

Is this game worth your money? Yes it is however, be warned there isn’t any unlockables (or I don’t believe so because I did not get anything). If you’re a fan of the movie and you want to know what happens next, this game is perfect but even if you are not it is still worth it and you might learn a lot about the classical movie. The Thing is long enough and damn well hard enough to please almost anyone. Chances are if you rent this game you might not finish it in a weekend unless you are a hardcore gamer. The game is a bit difficult and in the later levels the enemy AI can be very brutal and challenging. However I don't think there are any extras or alternate endings to look forward for nor there is anything to unlock but you will have fun if you play it over again.

You will defiantly enjoy this game despite its draw backs. If you love horror games (The Thing is not too much on the on the survival side) you will love The Thing. Even if you love squad based games, The Thing delivers.

Great Graphics
Squad Based Horror
Great Movie Licensed Game
Good Audio

Poor Controls
Gets really difficult at times
No unlockables