A game well worth its price and Sherlock Holmes franchise in general.

User Rating: 9 | The Testament of Sherlock Holmes PC
20 minutes into this game, I felt sudden urge to write an e-mail to developers, with thanks to making so good-looking and exciting game about my most favourite detective. While previous games felt budget-valued and struggling to fit into modern game market, Testament of Sherlock Holmes comes as a winner. Seriously, this tops every other Sherlock Holmes game made so far, for the first 3 hours, it feels like magic. Visuals look wonderful compared to last installment and have much more artistic direction in it. Although it's not built on last-gen engine, it's still visible that it's pushed to the limits.
Sound is wonderful also. If anyone has complaints about voice acting, mostly I didn't notice any, aside few strange characters, who have too little lines to be disturbing anyway. Music suits well and enriches atmosphere as it should.Now... difficulty is strange with this one. The puzzle mini-games are *insanely* difficult (but option to skip then once you messed up few times is nice), the point'n'click-style puzzles are about average, no problem for veteran adventurer... but a bit hard for beginners. And for general detective work, it varies from simple to strange -- Jack the Ripper case felt much more logical and straightforward, while here it's more of a guesswork.rnrnThe kids-finding-book cutscenes felt a bit cheesy, but they are brief and don't disrupt game story itself in any way.rnrnThe game is quite long, and story takes some strange and unexpected twists, but in the end, you feel like you've watched an awesome 10-15 hour movie.rnrn