Fun as spidey, but the green goblin ruins it :P

This game is fun sometimes. At first I hated the game, but the game just grows on you. The goblin's levels are like all super lame, but spidey's ones are pretty fun. You can upgrade your characters and they have different moves. The goblin can throw fireballs and spidey uses his web, nothing unusual. You get an objective to complete in each level. Anyway let's move to the aspects:
Pros: Spidey levels are fun. Challenging. The graphics look almost always good.
Contras: The goblin ruins the experience. The gameplay is a bit broken. Some characters don't have faces.
Graphics: While I do like the graphics, I think they're kind of mediocre because some of the faces can't be seen. Overall OK:
Difficulty: The game is really hard and makes you restart from the beginning. I found the goblin's levels way harder because there's all this people shooting at you and there are little lives:
Addiction: The game has some addiction in it, I think it's because I feel it like a challenge and I like the story:
Gameplay: The gameplay feels sometime broken and has major glitches. ALso, one complain with spidey is that I found it hard to find out how to websling, it was pretty random:
Replay Value: There's no replay value, and it's not like you'd want to replay this:
Variety: There's plenty of variety from the enemies, and the abilities you can do, and the upgrades, the only thing is missing it's a multiplayer:
Sound: I hate the sound from this game, it's so repetitive...:
Story: The story is pretty cool shown, and talks about the creation of the green goblin, I liked it:
Multiplayer: There's no multiplayer, but a co-op'd have been awesome:
Conclusion: If you're up for a challenge this is it, I recommend it for that only, the comntrols are very frustrating sometimes, but you'll get over it.