Great and speedy.

'Quidditch World Cup' is a great and speedy game. I reakon it was fantastic. First, the multiplayer. This feature was excellent as it let you and your friend pick any international or hogwarts quidditch team. I used to play this game with my brother and even he said he liked it.

The genaral game is about being a hogwarts or international team and winning either the quidditch world cup or the house cup. You have to face many matches and defeat many teams. As you win matches through the game you get 'famous witches and wizards cards'. The are moving pictures about all the teams and all the teams players. There are hundreds to collect.

Its graphics are fantastic, as PS2 games should be, and the gameplay is excellent. It actually lets you control all the members of your team, not just the seeker, which it doesn't in other 'Harry Potter' games. I still cant believe that they made a game about 'Harry Potter' which isnt actually about 'Harry Potter'.

EA Sports did a very clever thing, making a sports game about something which is just a fantasy hobby for young and old witches and wizards. I hope that EA are proud of it and have many buyers. I also hope that a 'Quidditch World Cup 2' comes out as do many others.

I think its fabulous and everyone should buy it.