Dead Or Alive Ultimate is the greatest 3d fighting game for the X-BOX ever. This is a masterpeice.

Dead Or Alive 4 is the greatest game ever. BUT Dead Or Alive Ultimate is the greatest game for the X-box ever. there are a great variesty of chracters, hundred of costumes for 1 character also! Every character has about 20+ costumes. The game has a great variety of moves, levels, and characters. There are many fighting styles to use.

This game delivers a solid fighting system and the best graphics for any XBOX game. Ayane is sexy, and I play it every day for about 6 hours. My roomates call me freaks because I play Dead Or alive 4 and Dead Or Alive ultimate all day. My roomates and I are geeks and they still call me a freak of DOA? LOL. This game is fantastic.

Rent Or Buy?
This is the greatest Xbox game ever so this is obviously a BUY. It will leave you playing for years. I've been playing since it's been out and I never got bored of it for one second. I'm the best at the game out of my whole neighbor hood. When I get to collage im going to challenge every student there.