The Splatters Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete a level without failing Clean Run
    Perform 50 Air-Strike Stunts overall Born To Fly
    Perform 10 stunts in a single level Got Stunts?
    Perform 500 Air-Strikes overall Death from Above
    Reach a total of 500 Stunts overall 500 Stunts
    Reach a total of 5,000 Stunts overall 5,000 Stunts
    Blow up 1000 bombs overall 1000 Bombs
    Blow up 5,000 bombs overall 5,000 Bombs
    Blow up 10,000 bombs overall 10,000 Bombs
    Complete all levels in "Become a Talent" A Promising Talent
    Complete all levels in "Combo Nation" Captain Combo
    Complete all levels in "Master Shots" Master of Masters
    Chain a 10-Stunt combo in a single level Got Combo?
    Chain a 30-Stunt combo in a single level Sweet Combo
    Chain a 60-Stunt combo in a single level Combolicious
    Generate six Stunts with a single splatter Genius Spark
    Do eight different Stunts in a single level Master of Versatility
    Chain a single combo through an entire "Combo-Nation" level Chain's Addiction
    Earn three stars in each "Become a Talent" level Definitely a Talent!
    Earn three stars in each "Combo-Nation" level The Combonator!

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Avatar Awards

    Code Effect
    Unlock the Flip move to receive this shirt. "The Splatters" T-Shirt
    Unlock the Air-Strike move to receive this shirt. "Die With Style" T-Shirt
    Unlock the Ballistic move to earn this award! Splatter-Head

    Contributed by: Guard Master