its a realy funny game to have! and a good gameplay to!

this game is realy nice! and also funny to because as you try to run under a block and the block falls on you then you see you like a piza! its realy funny to see that i liked realy much!. ive play the game 100% compleeted but i forgatted a lot of the game but i know the end boss of the game whas realy funny to! he he only realy hard aswell sometimes the gameplay whith bosses etc is to hard to play you cant almost go father in the game
but its a realy nice oldskool game (only some rip offs from mario bros etc)
but thats doesnt botter me realy the sound is good to! and funny you see a realy good storyline and a creative line whith the bosses to i think i going to play the game again as i can find it back because i loose it :(
but this one of my first console games! thats my reason i like the game much