The Sims go back to the middle ages, will they stand the test of time or be fade away into history?

User Rating: 6 | The Sims Medieval PC
The Sims Medieval is a spinoff from The Sims 3 and was released in early 2011 with a new approach to the franchise.

Ahh the familiar right? No the Sims went back in time to create something completely new. The most noticeable changes to the game are not being fully able to customize a Sim or his home, or the lack of needs or wants. For starters all buildings have a set amount of rooms, floors , size and structure. But hey you can at least decorate your home. Your clothing is restricted to your sim's job, like a king gets crowns, fancy robes and such while the merchant will dress plainly and more like a peasant. Your needs and wants are also limited. Now you only need to keep sims feed and get them enough rest. While your wants have been replaced with tasks necessary for your job, a king needs to hold court, the bard writes a play etc. These can be tedious as you must do them to keep a sim happy or "focused". Not to mention if you don't do them your thrown in jail for a short time. However they mostly just distract you from quests and waste your time. Now the biggest change, instead of living your life in free roam, you follow a series of quests and adventure within each quest. At first these are fun and creative, they also give you a choice as to who the sim you play as is. This gives a different quest line for each sim with different objectives and endings as well as multiple choices within that sim's story arc. No matter who you play as, be it a knight or a priest you could choose to approach things differently each time. You know bribe or threaten, be prepared or be cocky, etc. This is a great idea offering major replay value. Some what important though the game will refer to as playable sims as heroes but for some of your characters that title is a bit ridicules. When you first start a game you will only have your king/queen. To unlock other sims you'll need quest points to buy buildings where they would live. The Barracks gives you a knight for example. Each sim will provide a new way to play the game and approach things and will help your kingdom in their own little ways.

However despite some good ideas and game play, this game is very flawed. First being the lack of freedom we're used to. You won't build your own castle or tavern, decorations and clothes are very limited and unless you do your daily tasks your thrown in jail! You live by the game's rules and it only varies when it allows it. This game is also very repetitive. Every new kingdom you unlock is exactly the same with no variation and may of the quest repeat over and over. Their's also the fact that a quest means having an adventure right? WRONG!!! You will do all the leg work, fetching things, creating stuff by hand, getting mugged on your way to buy things and researching in books. After all that your hoping for a good payoff but instead you get a little drawing and a text box telling you about how your knight charged off into the forest and slayed the goblin hoards or how your monarch explored an exotic and foreign land that you never see. Sadly the work just isn't worth the reward.

Well despite its flaws did it make a big impact? I'm guessing no, but I could be wrong. But I've heard about how the Sims 3 is doing and I still play the Sims 2 but this...nothing. Nothing since its release. In all honesty I don't think this was targeted to the fans of the series but rather as a way to attract people to the sims thus leaving out a lot of the fan voice.

Overall, my final thoughts are that while it brought some good ideas and broke up the standard Sims style it was poorly executed. This will get old quick and is best played in short bursts. I believe this will be largely forgotten and ave little to no impact for the franchise. I would only recommend this to people if you can find it for under $20 or whatever your country's equivalent would be and if you want something different from the Sims.