Sims goes in a new direction while keeping its spark

User Rating: 10 | The Sims Medieval PC
So ever wondered what Sims would be like if you actualy had a goal? Well guess what, this game is it.

They have taken away "jobs" that you can choose your sim to have, and hell, theyve even taken away the fact that you can only really control 1 family at a time.

Now you control the entire kingdom, well at least the heros within it.

The gameplay isnt as open as the regular sims games, in this you undertake quests. During each quest you control 1-2(so far ive had a max of 2) heros in which they are given set goals to do. Sure you can veer off from those goals, and make those heros stronger, or just goof off, but the longer you take the more chances you have to fail the quest.

By doing the quest you earn points to build your kingdom, and thus complete the overall scenerio you are given(such as the tutorial, which is 20+ hours long) Well I wouldnt call it a tutorial, more like a single quest in it is a tutorial but its where you basicaly start out at.

Each scenerio has its own kingdom, and you branch out from there.

The game also has its own achievment system, and by completing these you unlock new outfits, new items, and much more.

Now as for heros, lets see, you have your Monarch, Bard, Knight, Wizard, Doctor, Blacksmith, Spy, and many many more. Each has their own things they are allowed to do, the quests they are allowed to take and participate in vary also. Each also has their own set of achievments for those completionists who try to do them all(also to unlock everything).

All in all, this game is a huge step above what the old sims games are and im curious if they will take a lesson from this and bring it over to a new age sims type game instead of it just being Medieval.