The Sims have always been about being you, this game is nothing like that you just follow cookie cutter quests instead.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Sims Medieval PC
What are you relay left with? A bunch of linear quests that are pretty much step by sptep. Talk to this person, then go here, then cook this (Hope the final part of the quest actually works). Just because I'm medieval now should not mean I'm still ME in a medieval setting. That is is not what you have in this game. This is not Sims where you are free to be anything you want and I have no idea what they were thinking when they made this game. It is beyond boring even for a sims player. At least in the other games I could build my own house and townies to populate my setting and be myself. This is nothing but follow what we tell you to do. If you were expecting to still be a sim that is gone you don't age you don't really change who you are and you don't really do anything but follow the icons for your current quest.