The first expansion for the exciting simulation game! Is it all it's cracked up to be?

User Rating: 8.4 | The Sims: Livin' It Up (DVD) PC
Ah, The Sims. New idea, new talent, and a fantastic pure joy of entertainment. So much fun crammed into one game, you'd never think a game would require any form of downloadables or expansions, right? Wrong!

Livin' Large was a mild surprise, and it most definitely lived up to both the hype and excitement.

A surprising increase. A lot of new items and choices give you the power to twist your sim's once humble life to that of madness.

What kind of new elements does this game offer? More neighbourhoods to build on, a lot of funky new items, and more hidden tricks to enhance gameplay a tenfold.

So what is the lowdown on this all new expansion pack? Same as last time, create a family, build a home, make or break their lives and career. Nothing's changed from the original, and it's still a little boring in the long run. Downloading new items only holds a certain level of fun for a while before becoming boring once more.

The items look great as do most items, pity I can't say the same about the actual sprites of the sims themselves. They look grainy, fuzzy, and a bit blocky. The animations and such are fine, but it's just the general meshes and bodily shapes that drag down the graphical rating, and overall ratings of the game.


The one thing that kills this game. The gibberish language the Sims speak is dreadfully annoying, and the music to match the game is just as bad. Luckily, you can fix the music problem by loading your own tunes onto the modes/radio stations, which isn't half bad, right?


Look, there's some honesty needed. Livin' Large was fantastic, but it lacked enough new features to make the entire gameplay element of the game better. Downloadable items, like I've said before, are fun, but can only last so long.

Rent Or Buy
Hard choice. I'd have to recommend buy, though with all the