Rock Band 2 plays even better then the first and thats a mean feat.

Graphics 10/10
Just like the first RB2 has a artistic design thats flawless and also the framerate is rock solid.New cloths,hair and faces are also present.Rock Band 2 gives you such a rush when playing thanks in part to the bands energy and the way they all move perfectly with the mood of the song. Well done harmonix

Gameplay 10/10
RB2 ups the difficulty with alot more metal and crazy drum parts. but at the same time it's progressive and easy to learn, so even newcomers will feel at home. RB2 has a fantastic tracklist as well with bands like foo fighters, disturbed,mettalica and fleetwood mac.

Sound 10/10
it's a harmonix game so the sound quality is perfect and these are all master tracks.

Value 10/10
80+ new tracks and all the DLC AND rock band 1s songs, in short RB2s setlist is amazing and the DLC is still as strong as ever with 6 full albums by the end of the year.

The good
Amazing setllist,fine tuned difficulty,graphics still have a sublime effect,sound qulity is unmatched,all master tracks,infinite value.

The bad
My 360 broke =( two weeks after purchasing RB2