A ok expansion pack but it could a be a little better.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Sims: Livin' It Up (DVD) PC
The gameplay in the sims livin’ it up (livin’ large) is great, this expansion pack adds around 125+ new items what includes a:
Crystal ball, Home chemistry lab, electric guitar and more. There are also new careers for your Sims what are: Slacker, Journalist, Paranormal, Hacker, and Musician. There are also 5 new neighbourhoods for your Sims to live in. There is still the same problem from the original game where you can’t follow your sims to work and that your sims can’t grow up, but other than them problems the gameplay for the sims livin’ it up (livin’ large) is still as great as the gameplay from the first game.

The graphics in the Sims livin’ it up (livin’ large) is a little plain but overall quite good, the game models look nice and so does the houses and the furniture, the blend of 2D and 3D graphics adds to the effect and make the game look nice, there is new wallpaper and floors what looks nice. Overall the graphics in the Sims look good but do look a little plain.

The sound in the Sims is great, the music you get the game is good. The Sims language (simlish) sounds nice. There is some music in the game what you get from the radio what sounds good, There is some new stations on the radio what does sound good. Overall the sound in the sims sound great.

The value for the sims livin’ it up (livin’ large) is ok, this add-on has got some good stuff that is fun to use and some other stuff that couldn’t of been in the game but overall the game is good for its value.

Overall Experience
Overall if you are a fan of the Sims and want some more items for your Sims than you should pick up this game.