The biggest masterpiece of nintendo...and maybe the best zelda until now!

The legend of Zelda games are always amazing and it cant be different this time.
the skyward sword adventure happens before the ocarina of time and zelda is not even a princess yet, it tells the history of the creation of the legendary master sword...ok, thats it, you should play this game now, even if you are not a fan of zelda series you gonna love the beautiful of the game and enjoy every second of the gameplay. the gameplay its just perfect, i have play all the game and have nothing to say thats is bad, the game is all good, its really a great game and i must congrats the nintendo team for the hours of fun they could give to all the fans of the serie, this is one more zelda game that amuse me, and i can say without fear that i was never let down by any zelda game.
So, if you are thinking in not buying this game because of what some people says or because of that terrible review made it by the gamespot. the game its not bad...its really incredible and is a game that all wii owner must have!
because of all the elements and fun that the game has, i give, with no regrets, a 10,0 to game and to all the people who help to create such a thing.
thanks nintendo...