Should "The Sims 4" get an Proper Console Version

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I'm a fan of The Sims (The first one i played was busting out on PS2) and ever since i've loved the sims games, but as the games go on i saw a decline of Console Sims. With the Next-Generation of Console just around the corner and them being basically a mid range PC, why not make GREAT sims game on the next gen? now sims 3 on Xbox and PS3 were god awful, no Expansion support at all, DLC's given were bad but the character creator was not that limited but had limitations. If Sims 4 does Release on Xbox One and PS4 i hope its Mostly like the PC counter part. Release the Expansions as DLC, Have a connected Exchange where PS4 and XBone users can download PC Created Content and Vice-Versa. Graphics on the console would probably be on medium quality but if they can score Max Settings or High Setting that would be Fantastic.

Overall, Us Console gamers should be able to play the sims on console as they would if they had a functioning Gaming PC.

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In my estimation, there is no reason the Sims 4 shouldn't be able to be brought in its entirety to both PS4 and XBox One.

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I would love to see The Sims 4 on next Gen have thr devs think hard or all thr extra things you could do with these new consoles. I.e. Entire-body mapping w/ Kinect AND PS4 Camera. Voice interactions at the Sims' neighbors, or at the library, etc.

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@Katz: I agree