About what I expected...Yet I'm still disappointed.

User Rating: 3.5 | The Sims 3 PC
When EA Games announced they were going to make a Sims 3 with an open ended world, I thought, Well, when they do, I'll just play get the rest of the expansions for 2 that I'm missing and enjoy that until 3 gets some useful and fun substance. When my friend bought it, I figured, "I'll see what they have to work with then" Well... I was right... It's not fun yet. And it's all a mode to milk us of money. However, this isn't the end of their cash cow milking.

You see, when I started the game, there was no expectancy that even half of the fun expansion things from the Sims 2 would be incorporated in the Sims 3. I knew they wouldn't do it. There were no bands or colleges from University, no cars or downtowns from Nightlife, and there are so many other things I'm missing. But you get the point, I didn't expect they would try to satisfy this. I knew it was just going to be a way for them to get us to buy expansions similar, the same way they did with the Sims 2.

However, what they do offer for gameplay is very limited. Let's start with the open ended world... This is so disappointing.

What they do is allow you to travel to all sorts of community lots and other houses, in theory, it's a great idea. However... half of the buildings, you can't even enter. You can't explore a mall or your jobsite, like I was hoping, you have to click on the building to go shopping and get a job (or the old newspaper). Anyway, I was expecting something better. Everyone I know agrees on that, it should have been like in the sims 2, where you can go to a mall. Sure it took longer, but the experience of shopping in a simulated game was just that, part of the experience.

I also expected something along the lines of minigames during work. I mean, they made Spore, why couldn't you have a direct control type of mini game. You have an option to make them work harder, or many other options...but that is completely different. I guess this makes sense if you have multiple sims, you can't control all of their work, but couldn't they have put an option in? I believe so... So do most of my friends...

The customization is probably the only thing that really exceeds my expectations... but there is a flaw in it.

Because The Sims 3 is an EA game, and that means they want your money more than Maxis... You have to buy almost all of the interesting content online. Sure, you can have 2000 different looks with one item... And you can match your mailbox to your house color, but without cool items, the thought of customizing is worthless. Also, from what my friend said, the content online can get pretty pricey... we're talking $2 for a couch. That's each thing you want. So... let's see... $50+(2[x]) It can build up pretty high if you do your math right. And if you don't you're left with a very disappointing array of items.

Lastly, I think that multiplayer could have been one of the best ideas that this game could use. It only makes sense... If there's going to be so many neighbors it would only make sense that you all AT LEAST know of each other's presence controlling other sims in your universe, it doesn't even have to be the same household this time around. Yet... they don't allow multiplayer, even though it's the logical step to having multiplayer.

The fact that this game received such high ratings is shocking to me... I mean, fanboys will buy the game even if it sucks, and love it for being crap, but I expected critics to analyze it a little more in depth than that. Also, I expected them to detect the attempt at extra cash and be as disappointed as I am. But hey, maybe I'm in the wrong here, and maybe I need to play it more to learn to respect it... It's possible, but right now I just don't see it working.