Fits all of the goodness of the sims 3 in the palm of your hand... almost.

User Rating: 7 | The Sims 3 IP
I am a huge sims fan, I love just about anything to do with the sims, and when I found out that it was avaliable for iPhone, I knew I had to get it immediately. My main complaint is the lack of things to do, house building feels limited unless you play it non-stop and there really isn't anything to buy to upgrade your house. WIth these problems, that means that this version isn't nearly addicting as the other versions of the game, I was even addicted to the sims 2 for the PSP and I have to say that it isn't nearly as good as the others. Just because of this, that doesn't mean that the game is terrible. The graphics are nice and crisp, and with only having the touch screen, they did the best they could making it have good controls.

- Good Graphics
- Pretty much what you would expect from a sims game
- Controls are the best they could come up with
- Talking with other sims changes the camera view so it actually feels like your sim is communicating with other sims.

- Controls aren't stellar
- Not a ton to do
- House/sim customization options aren't very good compared to other versions of the sims
- Not nearly as addicting as the other versions of the sims

This is an okay game, not great, but okay. The $7 price point is not a lot to ask so it is pretty decent for the price. I kind of have mixed reactions about this one.