What is the cheat code for The Sims 3?

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What is the cheat code for The Sims 3?

Do you guys use cheat code?

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Ive only known these two to work:
"motherlode" which gives you $50,000
"kaching" gives you $1,000

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There are others, depending on what kind of cheat you want

There's "moveobjects on" for moving normally unmovable objects, inlcuding Sims

"Resetsim *Sim name*" which I use sometimes when a sim gets stuck

There are also others for adding lifetime points, reaching the top of a career, setting your Sim's age and even adding a random set of friends to your Sim's relationships!

To execute a cheat, press "Ctrl", "Shift" and "C" all together to open the command bar and type in the cheat code from there.

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Oh, and you guys left out the biggest and most flexible cheat of all. Open the cheat box and type testingcheatsenabled true This cheat allows you to shift click on the mailbox, the ground, Sims, and any object to do whatever you want really. Move non-movable things, add random people to your family, max or decline all needs, set relationships, change seasons and weather and much much more. It can supposedly cause some problems though if you leave it activated all the time so be careful with it. To turn it off type into the cheat box testingcheatsenabled false