The Sims 3 Pokemon Challenge

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Hey gamespot forums We have invented a brand new way to play the Sims - the Pokemon Challenge. The rules go like this; your Sim has 60 days to live, starting from young adult (you can adjust this if you want to amp up or decrease the difficulty), and your goal is to get EVERY SINGLE SIM in town on your lot simultaneously; you do this by building a room, or a series of rooms, and locking the door so that only your Sim can move in and out. The idea is that at the end of this you can drive around town and the place will be completely deserted. Its up to you whether or not you feel you need to keep the Sims alive (although its definitely more of a challenge if you have to feed them and cater for their needs, and way more fun to watch them build a tiny society in your basement), and there are some Sims that cant be permanently captured - the maid, pizza boy etc. If you want to see how this works in practise, weve started a Lets Play run of this challenge, you can get to that here: Post replies, or even better video responses on our YouTube channel, about your Sims 3 Pokemon Challenge, or just any ideas you might have relating to the challenge run idea. Now go catch em all and become the Poke Master! Flat 160
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haha hilarious