Nobody Lives Here - Where did my sims go?

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So, I am having a little trouble finding several sims that I created. I was playing my main character and decided to make a bunch of new sims to put them into random lots in my town. I then control my main character to go visit them one at a time. I made friends with a few of them, but could not find the sims that I put into one of the lot! Simply put, I made family A in lot A, family B in lot B, C in C... and so forth, after playing for a while I ask my main character to visit lot C (for the first time) but it says "Ring bell (nobody lives here)". Family C is consist of 3 young adults (2 female and 1 male) with no relations, I put them together as roommates and moved them into a house that I build for 3 people (3 br 2 ba)... Before I began playing I even made sure that I put everyone in correctly - meaning I checked that all the sims are in the game in living mode. My guess is that those 3 moved out on their own while I was busy making friends with other sims. The problem is, I can not find them anywhere in my town. I checked the family portrait of every family in the town in the "edit town" map, I even had my main sim ran around town randomly in living mode and look for those 3 sims but couldn't find them anywhere. Can anyone help me find them?
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And, just now, I put "another copy of them" into the same house and had my sims to make friends with them. I was planning to throw a party to invite all my friends, and because I was only acquantance with mnost of them and did not purchase the legendary host trait, no one showed up at the party, pretty sad. So I bought the legendary host, and try to invite everyone over again. THEY ARE GONE!! I can still invite the other sims I put in the game.... but these three simply disappeared from my invite list. So, uh........ did they died or something???