Simply amazing! im just waiting for Open for Business!!

User Rating: 9.8 | The Sims 2 PC
Well personally i've to accept im a super fan of EA Games from MOH to NFS!! I love the great creativity of this company and this one wasnt the exception , i didnt play Sims 1 but immediately i got involved in the game, i a real life simulator here are the "why's" of my score:

The Good:

*Great Gameplay
*Huge variety of genetic in order to custom your own sim
*Super realistic (just pay attention when a sim is cooking ;) )
*And exist a body shop to create your own custom stuff (including xxx material, so interesting lol!!! just joking)

The Bad:

Well just little details like:

*Cant choose your own custom shoes , hope i can do it in the next expansion..
*Sims get old so fast, thanks god that can be fixed with the "aging off" cheat
*when you work you cant watch your sim's job, you've to wait 'till he comes home...

that's it , hope this help gamers to make a good decision.....see ya!!