Better than the first one, few flaws.

User Rating: 9 | The Sims 2 PC
Pro's: To many to say :D, great gameplay, fun for hours, you can play god, graphics are nice, love their language, and much much more

Con's: sometimes I wish I knew what they were saying :(, a few glitches cause people to get stuck in things and die.

Sound: everything that needs to sound good does, love their language as always.

Graphics: pretty good for the date it released, could use a bit of help with the FPS though.

Gameplay: you can get stuck in this game for hours, I suggest you free up your day to create your trusty little Gaming family. The map editor is great, you can make your own cities, create your own houses, it's amazing fun.

Overall: great game, defiantly worth buying, always something to do when your bored.