The fasad of a man crumbles...

Fast and fluid gameplay with an "Zoanthropic" twist in this 3-d fighter from Eighting/Raizing and Hudson.

Although theres a pretty slim rooster of eight characters, all of them play different, have unique beast forms(the animal form of the characters like a big mole, boar or tiger), three different costumes and are all pretty cool.
The music and graphics are also really good with some cool tunes, fluid animations and pretty good looking polygons. It evens has a cheesy story and a hilarous intro with awesome music.

So the characters have this gauge that fills up over time and more rapidly when they are dealing, and taking, damage. When the gauge starts blinking you can switch to you're beast form and the longer you let it fill the longer you get to stay in beast mode. The beast gauge deplets when you're taking damage but can start to refill again right after its depleted.
Once you're in beast mode you can use the beast button for more powerful attacks and grabs and also go into hyper mode which basicly makes you alot faster.

Other then the beast mode standard gameplay is pretty simple with one button for kicks, one for punches and one for grab attacks. There's a variety of beast attacks, grabs, combos, high and low attacks that makes for a pretty deep yet axcessible fighting system(one move is a punch to the stomach that makes you're opponent puke... rofl).
As well as having responsive controls the game is very fast for a 3-d fighter on the playstation and in hyper mode its kinda ridiculous.
Another thing is the ring out instant win thing. The stages have walls which can be destroyed if you hit your opponent with a powerful attack thats sends him flying busting through the wall out of the arena resulting in a quick win.

Modes are pretty simple with the standard arcade and versus modes as well as training, time attack and survival.
In the options menu you customize your controls, set hyper mode to off, set wall destruction to off or final round only, set blood on or off etc.
You can also get some unlockable modes like big heads and small characters.

Play it... because it's awesome...