Need 2000 Eggs for Tatum, Charity Case Please Help

#1 Posted by Reggie10z (2 posts) -
I dont have many friends and been trying my hardest to get to TATUM I got 8076 snakes and 25 eggs add me USername: TheIceman_Frank I would really appreciate the help Don't waste a egg, Give to someone in need So they can build a Better Springfield.. For the Future :) Thank You
#2 Posted by Reggie10z (2 posts) -
please need help! I have 8103 snakes, Wish to get to TATUM if anyone can help would be so glad
#3 Posted by bellsmommy (1 posts) -
i will add you and give you all the eggs i can. Please return the favor I really want tatum too but i only have 8000 eggs. Please help :) bellsmommy03 Thank you ANYONE ELSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HELP WITH EGGS I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!