A way to earn free doughnuts

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What's up everybody. Just came across an easy away to earn doughnuts without spending real cash. It's an app called App Trailers. You earn points for watching trailer and even trying them out. With the pint you earn you can cash them In for iTunes gift card codes, Target, Macy's, Toys R Us, Footlocker giftcards and a lot more places. You can even cash points in through paypal to get the actual cash. Like I said, all you do is watch trailers and try apps to get points and cash them in. 1. Just got to your iTunes app store and search for App Trailers and download it. 2. Enter stingbait4 in the referral code area to get extra points of the bat. 3. Just watch trailers and try apps they suggest. All you have to do is download the app, open it for a few seconds and then you can delete it once you get the points or a notification saying thanks for trying that app. 4. You can also earn points by referring people to the app. The more people you refer and apps you try the faster the points add up. I've had it for a week but only used it for little while for a couple days an have already gotten three $10 iTunes giftcards from it. Once you redeem it loads straight to your iTunes. I haven't tried to get anything else though so I don't know how the other giftcards work. I've seen people earn a couple hundred a week though and even $70 a day. It's easy and legit. You can get it straight from the apple iTunes app so it's definitely legit. Once again, don't forget to use the referral code stingbait4 to get some extra points right from the go. Hope everybody earns easy doughnuts from this to enjoy the game. Hit me up if you have any questions. I'm always in the EA Tapped Out forum too.. Another great place for info for you guys on this game
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Can you do this on the Android?