Its Not The Best Game In The World. Reasonable.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Simpsons: Hit & Run PC
Review For The Simpsons Hit And Run

Good 3 Points

1. Good Gameplay
2. All Characters
3. Lots Of Cars

Bad 3 Points

2. Horrible Graphics
3. Stupid


Its Quite A Pathetic Game. Not Worth Much Money. I Would Never Play Again. Maybe Once. Its Not A Very Good Game. Even Though Lots Of Cars And Characters. Its Quite Stupid To Be Fair. Its Mediocre For Kiddy People.

Why 6.5

May Not Be Suitable For Me. But No Doubt Others Will Like It. There Are Lots Of Cars. It Can Be Fun For A While. All Characters. As I'm A Hardcore Gamer. Rainbow Vegas Etc. Its Not My Sort Of Game. Its For A Say.. 10 Year Old. Younger Maybe. I Would Not Recommend To Anyone Over 13. Its Reasonable Apart From The Terrible Graphics And The Fact It Get's Boring So Easily. I Wouldn't Play Much. I Would Just Recommend This To A Younger Age Group. Its Not Good... Its Not Bad. Just Buy It For A Stupid Kid.

Game Stats

Gameplay 6/10 BORING
Graphics 2/10 OUCH
Sound 10/10 Really Good.
Overall 6.5/10