Easily the best Simpson game out.

User Rating: 8.4 | The Simpsons: Hit & Run PS2
Simpsons Hit and Run puts you in the shoes of many Simpson characters such as Homer, Marge and many more. You do missions for other characters GTA style to uncover a mystery.

The graphics on the game are good as they make you feel like you are in the SImpson world. The cartoon animation really helps to make this a good game.

This game has alot of depth to it as you try and do many missions for many characters and there is also bonus cards to to collect. You purchase vehicles and clothes with coins were you get by running over a tree or kicking a vending machine. There is alot of vehicles to purchase such as the schoolbus, Mr.Plow snowtruck and Krusty the clowns limo. The range of clothes you can buy are Homer as a stonecutter, cool Lisa and many many more.

Some of the missions are quite the same but because nearly every Simpson character is in this game just makes you keep playing it. The missions start off wit a tutorial and you start off as Homer then when you complete Homers missions you then become a different character.

You are allowed to roam around Springfield and you go to a Simpson character to start a mission. All of the characters in the game sound exactly the smae as the ones in the Simpson series.

If you are a Simpson fan and you like the sound of the game then you should definately buy it.