"Hey, Homer. You look like you're having one of your trademark adventures."

User Rating: 7.5 | The Simpsons: Hit & Run PC
The Simpsons: Hit and Run is part arcade racer, part platform game. For most of the game you will be racing around the town of Springflield in various vehicles, but there will also be some running, jumping, kicking, and collecting.
Some are quite simple, but there are missions that seem close to impossible to complete. One such mission, featuring Apu, has you alternating between car and foot as you collect something or other. This mission requires pinpoint precision and feels quite out of place, as the rest of the missions are doable and don't penalize you for missing a shortcut with their time limits. I checked an online walkthrough and the fella said that he managed the mission with 2 seconds left on the timer. Thankfully you may skip certain missions if you fail them a number of times.
However, the missions do tend to get repetitive very quickly. You'll either be racing someone, following someone, losing someone, destroying someone, or collecting something. Nothing like Grand Theft Auto's range of various missions here. Fortunately for the young ones, though, the violence is minimal. You can destroy various items and are even rewarded for doing so with coins, but you can't run people over (your car just drags them, kicking and screaming, which is perversely more enjoyable). All these actions lead to your wanted level rising (it slowly decreases if you drive responsibly) and may lead to Wiggum chasing you. If you are caught you fail the mission and pay a fine - no big deal.
While the gameplay and storyline may not be all that original, the voice acting and humour are. This is a Simpsons game and as such makes full use of the various inhabitants of Springfield, and you will meet all of the recurring characters. Usually there are a few jokes sprinkled into conversations so you'll have no reason to skip the cutscenes, although the characters don't do much in them except tap their feet and rub their chins. The only voice acting that grates is the in-car banter. All your characters will spout one-liners as you hit things or change positions in a race and while amusing, the constant barage of "Speed, glorious speed" and such gets old fast.
In the end, the fact that this is a Simpsons game, for fans of the Simpsons, is what makes it fun. There are many plarts of the city to visit and many characters to talk to and all are nicely created in 3D. There are also lots of jokes for fans (Comic Book Guy, seeing an alien spaceship: "Worst, effects, ever") and humour for everyone (End-of-work horn toots, Burns on power plant PA: "Mindless drones! Return to your ugly families!"). This game would not work well were it not a Simpsons game, but considering that's the reason you're probably interested, there's no reason not to give the old pink Simpsons' car a whirl.