the game has some incredibly fun elements and for people who like building type of games its perfect but has a big flaw

User Rating: 1 | The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom PC
i've written this review about 4 times already and idk why it wont show up but fine i'll try again

look, i love the game
its fun, its immersive its great graphics are just perfect for this game and difficulty is just about right.

i'd recommend it to anyone who likes sim types of games as you are likely to lose yourself in it. but there is one huge flaw
i have nto been able to play for more than 30-45 mins at a time because my ISP often fails and i lose connection
and when that happens my game (settlers7) stops note that this is on the single player!
its ridiculous i havent been able to go a full hour of game due to constant drops in internet connection. so i'm left with a fun yet crippled game i cannot enjoy all because ubisoft decided in their "great wisdom" to set a DRM system that requires you to stay always connected to their servers.

i'm sorry but the developer of the game (blue byte) is being made to look like a fool thanks to the "wonderful" antipiracy tool ubisoft decided to use
i cant get a refund, at all.
i love the game but i feel like i've been taken for an idiot.
thanks ubisoft.

i would recommend disconnecting your internet before starting to play, then maybe it will know that internet is irrelevant to single player