Finally, a MMORPG that is different. Not easy, but satisfying for those that want more from a game

User Rating: 9.5 | The Secret World PC
Finally a MMORPG that requires thinking. Building decks, solving investigation missions, all require more than the basic thought in most MMORPGs. Building a deck (Your active and passive abilities) with proper synergy takes work, and there's always incentive to improve. There are no classes, you can learn every ability in the game, but you're constrained by only having 7 active and 7 passives "equipped" at a time.

The investigation missions are missions that require thought and research, though simple "action missions" do exist, it's these investigation and sabotage missions that really shine.

The atmosphere is amazing. Each zone is unique and reflects the mood that should belong.

And they keep adding new stuff, new missions, new weapons every month.

As a long time MMO player, this is the game I've been waiting for.