the Secret World resemblance to World of Darkness

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hey guys! I read about the game and from what I saw it reallyr reminds me of World of Darkness RPG. the whole "myths come true" make me think about the entire concept of WOD. 

as ppl who played the game AND know what WOD/Vampire: Bloodlines pc game is, what do u think? is it in the same lvl as WOD? better? worst? diffrenet?

I thought about buying the gamem but im not sure. i dont realy care about PvP/combat (they bore me). Just the story and atmosphere. so is it amazing as right now I tend to believe?


if it helps, here my fav. games ever (for their plot, barley for raw mechanics and combat:

the longest journey

Vampire: the masqurade bloodlines

fallout 3/4

dragon age


wait eagerly for your opinions.

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i'm constantly reminded of Longest Journey as far as characters talking to each other, i guess that's not a major aspect though. there's actually a Mocha Lotta shop. No Ickball though
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yes,I agreed,it is  simmilar with WoD universe

it is why I love this game