Only 200,000 sales, -49 million revenue this quarter.

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Funcom investor report, google "Funcom investors" came out 8/28

Expectations) 1 million + sales 400,000 subscribers

didn't get close to that.

Just laid off half the staff,

Future:  doesn't look so hot, they will have a few people work on it but it seems the TSW is switching to low priority as age of conan is doing better.

How this affects you? IDK, if you don't think TSW has enough content, needs game mechanics reworked, or an end game then don't hold your breath.

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It's a shame because Funcom did try something different. Like TOR, TSW suffered from a great leveling experience that came to a dead stop at the cap. A story driven experience falls off a cliff to just another dungeon grind on lockout and its time to unsub since that got stale and old around 2008 at best.

TSW will find a base after the inevitable switch to f2p.