Not trolling but...

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Anyone who can be arsed to do a search of my posts will see my predictions of the free to play date. I was completely wrong though, I said 6 to 12 months, even I wasnt that cynical.

Whoever started "Ragnar Tournquist resign!" Your 5 years too late, shareholders must be leading a torch mob to his place about now Id say lol :D

Whoever started "what a shame" thats exactly what I was going to say next. If the game even lived up to the damn box art let alone the genre and the possibility of the universe... FFS I just dont understand how you can balls it up so bad.

Whoever started "Matrix Online anyone ?" yeah my thoughts exactly. A bunch of devs led by Ragnar, sucking down whatever drugs it is devs take to make them think they know better than the hundreds of fans and beta players begging them not to make the changes they make. The MxO combat system was a work of genius in the minds of about 5 people and a steaming pile of doodoo to basically everyone else. Go figure... The unf*ckable franchise gets totally f*cked.

Im very dissapointed, I basically said TSW was gonna be my last MMO if it sucked and I think it may be true now after starting MMOS with Meridian 59 and UO... :( Not happy Jan... or Ragnar

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Well it doesn't suck.... So you can continue playing mmos

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Agreed with kemosabe - I picked it up after it went F2P, and have been pleasantly surprised. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive as well, which is another factor that drew me to try the game.

You want to talk about a disappointing MMO, let's talk SWTOR. Now there was a let down...