A very short review about a sequel to one of the best games ever!

Having played Half Life 1 and every add-on for it and all the stuff in between I couldn't wait to play HL2! While I gave it a 9.5 it is definitely a great game! But like most sequels it just isn't as great as its original.

The puzzles are there, the story is there, the gameplay is there.... most everything is there! You are Gordon Freeman again but this time thanks to better technology Half Life has gotten funner! Mostly what this game has compared to the original is emotion. The first one was pretty much the same way and you liked or hated certain characters, but this one you really feel for certain characters.... your sucked into the game more.

The game almost to much focuses on showing off its graphics and physics then what the original did....fun. You have fun but you can tell they get a point across. "Look at this scene..... look at the pretty graphics and physics we can pull off!". If you liked HL you'll still like this regardless.