is that assassin's creed? no its GTA,no its way its The Saboteur

User Rating: 7.5 | The Saboteur PC
Okay so another title for the fans of action adventure.hurray! but not quite

i was so happy when i got the game.It appeared to be the perfect sandbox style adventure game at first,nice visuals almost realistic sound effects,full of explosions and stuff which could keep you hooked for hours but as i got deeper in the game it seemed to me that the stuff i did during the initial hours is the same stuff i was doing over and over again.This is the only reason that my tilt for the game decreased a lot.

The Saboteur for most would seem like a composition of various games,for example-

-wall climbing(probably the best feature) is somewhat like assassins creed,but i think scaling walls adds a very unique gameplay feature to the game,hardly seen in an urban adventure,so works for me

-the setting drags you back to the world war II era,k well that's not so original

-Driving seems like mafia,yeah well would you like to hop on your foot all the time? vehicles cant be avoided so works for me.

Besides all that,I've summed up the good and bad.


-Nice Visuals,esp the black and white blend with the color red
-Cool sound effects
-Wall climbing and rooftop exploration
-Some Adult content(we do need some)
-Perks system makes the game a little deep
-Main Story missions are engaging

-Repetitive side missions(mostly consist of blowing stuff)
-Irritating protagonist
-Clichéd soundtrack
-Over emphasis on side missions
-Pathetic cover system
-Stealth was a big disappointment

The Saboteur is strictly meant for the fans of action adventure,and esp who overlook the game's similarity with some other titles and just live with the fact that it could not be avoided.