The saboteur is a misunderstood game.It was released before 2-4 days and everyone is judging it.Here is my opinion...

User Rating: 9 | The Saboteur PC
I will start with the basics:
The story is based on WWII.Ok,I know that the 74% of the games are based on WWII.But!This game is different than the others.
Game play:
First of all, the field of play is France something that no other game has tried before!It is an open world game.That means you can do whatever you want.(Steal cars,bomb Nazi bases,buy guns,unlock perks and visit the Eiffel Tower)
There are a lot guns,skills and perks to choose from,even though the cars are not as many as other games.
The design of the game is awesome.The graphics are very good,the Eiffel Tower also and the black and white effect (that disappears as you progress through the game)is original and never used before.
The story is also good and the animation of the movement although the characters voice and mouth animation are mismatched.Last good thing is that the music of the game fits with the environment of the '50 s.

The bad things:
I don't disagree that this game has some errors (as any other game).
There are some glitches in the game but I think they're not so embarrassing to disturb you from the play.
Also the stealth elements are very weak.I think that is why this game is low rated.The game was designed to have stealth combat.But the enemy characters are so misplaced on the map and sometimes the only choice is pulling out a gun and start firing.But you don't survive this way!
It is said that the game is a copy of other games such as assassin's creed,grand theft auto and/or godfather my opinion is that the games today don't have many choices to do since all the types of game play are out.This game combines its original options with other small ones.

To sum up, I believe that the Saboteur is a very good game with stealth limits but this will not affect you from enjoying it.