The Rub Rabbits! Cheats For DS

  1. Talking Girl in the Main menue

    On your birthday Christmas, or at new year the girl wishes it to you for that day.

    Contributed by: XXtouchesXYboob 

  2. Unlock extra modes

    When you beat story mode, you unlock 2 new features: A sound test, and another story.

    Sound Test lets you play all the tunes from the game, while watching a dance robot grooving to the beat.

    Another Story is a very short mode that lets you redo some of the love scenes from the main story, but instead of wooing the main love interest, you are now a robot trying to woo the rival girl.

    Contributed by: stugIIIG 

  3. Unlock new Time Attack/Survival games

    Beating certain scenes allow you to play new games in Time Attack/Survival challenge mode.

    Code Effect
    Available from the start Graffiti time attack
    Beat Scene23 Snowball chase time attack
    Beat Scene16 Seashells time attack
    Beat Scene08 Bull survival

    Contributed by: DaNuguy 

  4. Different ways to unlock gloves

    Normally you have to get 55555, 77777 or even 88888 Love points to get these gloves.

    Code Effect
    55555 Hearts or put Sonic Advance 1 or 2 in the GBA-Slot Pink glittery Gloves
    Get 77777 hearts or Sonic Battle into your GBA-Slot Amy Rose's boxing Gloves
    Get 88888 hearts or Chu Chu Rocket into yoour GBA-Slot (the most hearts for the most unfamous game, good deal, SEGA! Fist Gloves
    Start the game with Sonic Advance 3 in the GBA cart slot # 03 - Hand Puppets
    Have Puyo Pop in GBA Slot White Gloves

    Contributed by: XXtouchesXYboob 

  5. Multiplayer Battle Games

    Code Effect
    Available from the start Ball
    Beat Snowball Chase in Story (the one where you chase the girl) Snowball Chase (on normal balls in a garden)
    Beat Snowball fight in Story (the one against the girl) Cake Battle (only for 2 Player)
    Beat Disk in Story Table Hockey (only for 2 Player)
    Beat the game in Story, where you swim on a tree to save your girlfriend from the crocodiles Swimming on a tree
    Beat eye in Story Eye

    Contributed by: XXtouchesXYboob 

  6. Studio option in Maniac Mode

    Studio mode lets you choose different poses for this girl.

    Code Effect
    Find 30 Rabbits Studio

    Contributed by: darthxenu 

  7. Hair Color Option in Maniac Mode

    This option lets you change the girl's hair color.

    Code Effect
    Find 10 Rabbits Hair Color

    Contributed by: darthxenu 

  8. Unlockable Difficulties

    There are 3 difficulties that can be unlocked: Hard, Hell, and Heaven.

    Code Effect
    beat Normal difficulty Hard
    beat Hard difficulty Hell
    beat Hell difficulty Heaven

    Contributed by: Vayreceane 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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