The Powerpuff Girls: Battle Him Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Townsville Dump level

    Code Effect
    Defeat Butch in the Utonium Chateau Townsville Dump

    Contributed by: kenb215 

  2. Secrets Passwords

    Select the ''Enter Secrets'' option at the main menu and enter the desired code:

    Code Effect
    ELBO Power-Up
    RICHARDKIM Error Message and Secret Photo
    BILLSGIRLS Programmer's Message and Secret Photo
    GOGETBUTCH Townsville Skies Secret Level
    BEATBRICK Utonium Chateau Secret Level
    HOTLINE Boogieman Trading Card
    WANTSNIPS Boomer Graphic Cheat
    ICEBREATH Boomer Trading Card
    ITOOKTAILS Brick Graphic Cheat
    SNAILSIAM Butch Graphic Cheat
    TALKINGDOG City of Townsville Trading Card
    MISSKEANE Blossom Graphic Cheat
    LUMPKINS Buttercup Graphic Cheat
    MCCRACKEN Mayor Graphic Cheat
    TOYSTOUGH Mayor Trading Card
    MRSBELLUM Rainbow the Clown Trading Card
    RUFFBOYS Talking Dog Trading Card
    PRINCESS City of Townsville Trading Card
    MALPHS Townsville Art Museum Trading Card
    POWERPUFF Evil Cat Trading Card
    UNDEAD Unlimited Bubbles
    JETFUEL Unlimited Flying Power
    CANDYAPPLE Unlimited Red Chemical X
    PHONECARD Unlimited Super Attack
    MIDNIGHT Unlock Black Chemical X
    FLEETFEET Utonium Family Trading Card
    BESTBUYHDQ Boomer Trading Card
    TOYSPOWER City of Townsville Trading Card
    TARGETPUFF Mayor Trading Card
    RICHMONDVA Rainbow the Clown Trading Card
    BIGBILLY Talking Dog Trading Card
    GOTOSEARS Utonium Family Trading Card

    Contributed by: GOkada 

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