The Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Townsville Skies Level

    After getting an 100% on the Art Museum secret level go to the level select page and go right all the way until you see the Townsville Skies level.

    Contributed by: dd14sm 

  2. Secrets Passwords

    Select the ''Enter Secrets'' option at the main menu and enter the desired code:

    Code Effect
    RICHARDKIM Access Error Message and Secret Photo
    BILLSGIRLS Access Secret Message and Photo
    GOGETBUTCH Access the Pokey Oaks School Secret Level
    DUSTBOOMER Access the Townsville Art Museum Secret Level
    GOJO Unlock All Levels
    USESNIPS Boomer Graphic Cheat
    TAILSRULE Brick Graphic Cheat
    ZORCH Brick Trading Card
    CHEMICALX Buttercup Graphics and Super Attack
    BOOGIEMAN Play as Bubbles
    BESNAILS Play as Rowdyruff Boy Butch
    BROCCOLOID Play as Mayor of Townsville
    TOYSTOWN Powerpuff Girls Trading Card
    FIZZAT Princess Trading Card
    ANUBISHEAD Professor Utonium Trading Card
    DOGGIEDO Rowdyruff Boys Trading Card
    SNOWPOKE Sara Bellum Trading Card
    IGOTWINGS Unlimited Flight
    CHERRY Invincibility
    DOGMODE Unlimited Lives
    GIRLPOWER Unlimited Super Attack
    LICORICE Unlock Black Chemical X
    ROACHCOACH Roach Coach Trading Card
    EBWORLD Rowdyruff Boys Trading Card
    SEDUSA Sedusa Trading Card
    TOWNSVILLE Utonium Chateau Trading Card
    TOYSRUSCOM Volcano Mountain Trading Card
    BESTBUYPWR Brick Trading Card
    SEARS Princess Trading Card
    CITYRULES Powerpuff Girls Trading Card
    TARGETGAME Professor Utonium Trading Card
    GAMESTOP Sara Bellum Trading Card

    Contributed by: djg40 

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