Wow. I have never seen a game that you couldn't win unless you forgot about all your principles.

User Rating: 2 | The Political Machine 2012 PC
This game is such a waste of time. For one thing, if you are a conservative, you cannot win no matter what you do. Every roll of the dice to create the "random" state leanings always causes them to lean left. If you are against abortion, you lose. If you are against gun control, you lose. If you are for anything moral and good, you lose. This is clearly a game created by leftist idealogs. I wouldn't be so hard on them, but they left no fun to be had by both sides in this game. It will seriously only allow the left (wrong) minded thinkers to win, which is why I guess the controls and game play mechanics are so easy. They have to be easy for the leftist idiots to figure them out!

I wish someone would come out with a game like this that has a completely neutral standing because this type of game would actually be fun if you knew you could actually convince a state to vote for you, unless you are a leftist marxist idealog, if so, you will have no problem winning this game.