Same Old Paradox

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Reading the official review, in the cons it said this.

  • Mostly the same game...
  • Design issues remain unaddressed

Unfortunately this can be said to apply to most games Paradox releases, whether they're the ones making them or not, you can almost garuntee that all the same cons will be retained.

And it's tragic really, because there's so much potential and the games they release could so easily be improved, fans post threads that go on for fiftey to a hundred pages of people talking about the same flaws with the game and presenting ideas to address them, and Paradox acts like they read the threads and take them into consideration, but never seem to do anything with the suggestions or feedback they're being presented.

It's not likely that anyone working at Paradox will read this or care, but on the off chance someone does, please get your **** together and stop ignoring valuable feedback.