Console shoot-em up. This is not Rainbow Six. Fun while it lasts.

I hate what Ubisoft has done to the Rainbow Six franchise. Here we are with yet another console port with yet another obtrusive console interface ("LOW AMMO!!" , "RELOAD!!"). Big buttons. There is also no mouse wheel on the X360 controller, so you can forget about that. Your formerly 9 man strong team (Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear) is now reduced to just 3 and you're typically outnumbered 30+ to 1 in the levels. The whole concept defies common sense. What's more: you're equiped with a magic syringe of greater healing +5, to make up for all of that. Lost your lunch yet?

With all that said, Vegas is not a bad game at all, really. You and your teammates are wonderfully animated, and although the cover system is rather cheesy in that it lets you line up head shots from behind cover, it does work very smoothly and it looks really neat. It's a shame they didn't manage to tell the story any better though. The entire story-telling mechanism has been copied from GRAW; you get your information via video feeds while on a helicopter between missions, and during them. However, there is much less of this background story than in GRAW and things are told so quickly you're likely to miss quite a bit. There is practically no introduction either, before you know it you're thrown out of the helicopter and people start shooting at you....

At 1024x768, everything at low, HDR on, game was running and looking OK. System: Athlon XP3200+, 1Gb RAM, 6800GS AGP@400/1100