Something about this game that seems a bit familar.......

User Rating: 7.5 | The Outfit X360
Oh, is it Mercenaries maybe. Well I can honestly say I played the story mode twice. Once for the Achievements and once because I missed some. But I did enjoy it a little. The game didn't really give me that felling that I just experienced an awesome game feeling but I did play it twice. I didn't play Blazing Angels twice. NOPE

With a little WWII battle background the game did offer some cool gadgets to use to complete your missions. The Online is a little more different but challengeing at times.

In the single player campaign you get to play as 3 soldiers with different weaponary types. If you die during the mission you may respawn and choose a different character and proceed till your choose to use another. During the game you will gain points as you kill off germans and destroy vehicles and weapons and capture areas of the map. You can use these points to purchase weapons on-the-fly to help you with finishing your quest.

There are Tanks, Half tracks, AA guns, 40mm cannons, Recruits and many other tools you can buy. Very fun getting a Tank dropped on you head.

The Online lets you battle another player for territory over the map while being able to use you On-the-Fly purchasing system.

In total this game was a fun rental, and I just don't see any reason to purchase this title, sorry.

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