DO NOT let the low review fool you into not trying this fun WW2 game

User Rating: 8.4 | The Outfit X360
This game is much more fun than most reviewers lead it out to be. I have enjoyed this game sooo much and attaining the medals is a real challenge. The weapons are realistic imo and the On demand point system is fun. Online is where this game shines and ive been in very heated battles for over an hour with 4 on 4 and is one of the most entertaining games on xbox 360. The driving of vehicles seems to be the most difficult to learn. It took me time but now im pretty good and even my 4 year old has mastered the vehicles. The story line is kinda corny but the one liners are funny. The co-op play is fun and lets players tackle different parts of the map while not being confined to a specific section while waiting for the 2nd player to catch up which is a very nice featur. If your into a shooter game give this one a try especially now that it can be picked up for around $10 used. Just pick it up and give it a try for the price its hard to go wrong.