Inovative action game will remind you of tomb raider.

User Rating: 7 | The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor WII
I was waitng for this game to go on sale, (if it was as bad as they said it should have gone to the bargin bin long ago) and when it finally did i couldn't resist buying it, and it's actualy pretty decant!
The good: Lots of objectives and unlokables will keep you playing, combat is always excitng, inovative puzzle system, has the actual voice actors from the movie, spectacular level desighn and variation, YOU GET TO PLAY AS A YETI!!!!!
The bad: levels are loooooooooong and you can't save mid level, trying to defeat enough enamies to unlock new wepons is teadiouse, The last two levels are HARD, You can only play as the yeti in one level, it reminds you of tomb raider......perhaps a little too much.
So oveall this is a good action game if you loved the movie, but rember, it's not worth paying 40$ for, unless you really must have it!